Baby Brain Connection

                   Parenting for Early Childhood Literacy


                             Playing & Interacting 


Copycats (1:03min.) 

How children learn from the actions of others:  Fortunately for parents, young children are amazing students.They’re so good at learning that they do it even when we don’t know we are teaching them. Children learn by watching, hearing, feeling,and tasting the world around them. In a way, your home is your child’s first classroom. Every waking hour, you can bet your child is learning something.

Careful Frank  (1:04 min.)
​Communicating through emotional expressions: As adults we do this all the time to obtain feedback from the world around us, but it’s fascinating to learn how early this skill develops. In fact, by watching adults’ facial expressions and listening to their tone of voice, babies as young as 10 months old can use emotional information to decide what to do.

Other videos

Book of Jenny  (1:04 min.)
How babies communicate: Babies try to tell us what they want or need before they can talk. Part of the fun of parenting is learning how your baby communicates. No two babies are alike and different babies use different expressions and movements to tell parents what they want.​

Testing  1 2 3 (1:03 min.)
Learning by exploring: Your child is growing up. His brain is developing. Babies think everyone wants and likes the same things they do. As they grow, toddlers begin to understand that people think differently and like different things. They start learning what happens when people want different things. That’s when the testing begins. Your daughter looks right at you and throws her oatmeal-filled spoon on the floor. There’s oatmeal everywhere. Or maybe she runs over and grabs the kitty’s tail even though she knows better.