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Parenting for Early Childhood Literacy


Parentese: Why It’s Never Too Early To Start A Conversation (1:02 min.)

esearchers call the special way we talk to babies "motherese," or "parentese." This sing-song speech, often accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions,seems to be used by nearly everyone who talks to a baby. We all love to do it–mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, even preschoolers addressing younger brothers and sisters. And what’s more, babies seem to like it too.

Keep Talking
(1:04 min.)
If you want to help your children learn words, remember this simple rule: the more you talk, the more they learn. Babies and young children learn to speak by listening to you, so start talking to them the day they are born! Make the most of everyday events like bathing, getting dressed, going for a walk, grocery shopping, or making dinner as a chance to talk with your child. Playfully tell him what you are doing. Ask questions. Point out interesting things. What you talk about isn’t as important as how much you talk.